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Jaivant Patel Dance has been successful in receiving support from Arts Council England for the full production development of YAATRA with a small-scale pilot tour in 2019, alongside organisational development.

A captivating evening of solo Kathak and Contemporary dance by British Indian artist Jaivant Patel.

A fresh perspective on South Asian LGBTQ+ narratives, faith and spirituality; YAATRA celebrates two cultures and the intersectionality of living in one, while paying tribute to traditions, heritage and often untold stories of another.

This new phase of activity will continue Jaivant Patel Dance's working relationship with Spin Arts.

Seed commissioning partners for YAATRA are: Shout FestivalBlack Country Touring, Arena TheatreGemArtsCreative Black CountryMidlands Arts Centre and Dance4.

This award follows a period of research and development supported by Arts Council England in 2017.


Jaivant Patel Dance is pleased to announce the 2019 tour dates and venues for YAATRA:

*2nd May 2019, Kala Sangam, Bradford (click here for tickets)
*16th July 2019, Blue Elephant Theatre, London (click here for tickets)
*17th October 2019, Tara Arts, London (click here for ticket)
*13th November 2019, Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham (click here for tickets)
*23rd November 2019, Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton (click here for tickets)
*28th November 2019, Déda Derby, Derby (click here for tickets)

Note the performances at Kala Sangam and Blue Elephant Theatre are previews.


Nicholas Minns from Writing About Dance reviews YAATRA performance (preview) at Blue Elephant Theatre, London on 16th July 2019 (click here for full review):

…’If the rallying cry of LGBTQ+ is to challenge the notion of binary, Patel is its natural advocate’…

Maya Pindar from The Insanity In Dancing reviews YAATRA performance (preview) at Blue Elephant Theatre, London on 16th July 2019 (click here for full review) :

...'YAATRA successfully breaks down these boundaries to create a safe space for an intimate exploration of these narratives'...

Katie Hagan from Dance Art Journal review YAATRA performance (preview) at Blue Elephant Theatre, London on 16th July 2019 (click here for full review) :

…’As a dance artist, LGBTQ+ and south Asian homosexual, Patel is refreshingly unique. The inconceivable relationship between religion and homosexuality in Patel’s YAATRA is a first for dance within our global culture. Instead of a cryptic condemnation of the past, Patel critiques tradition through reinvention’…


Consultant Producer: Sarah Shead at Spin Arts.
Choreographic Collaborator: Nahid Siddiqui (Awakening).
Composer: Hassan Mohyeddin.
Dramaturg: Miranda Laurence (Yaatra).
Poetry/Spoken Word Artist: Ali Harwood (Yaatra). Choreographic Mentors (Yaatra): Ben Wright, Shane Shambhu & Urja Thakore. Kathak Mentor: Urja Thakore.
Lighting Design: Joanne E L Marshall.
Photography: Matthew Cawrey Photography & Joe Armitage
Videography: Dan Tucker. Costume: Ryan Laight.


Here is the official trailer for the 2019 pilot tour of YAATRA:



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