Jaivant Patel was announced as the first Associate Artist of Arena Theatre in October 2017. Jaivant has been a cultural producer for sell-out shows at the venue since 2015, in turn diversifying the theatre’s audience and providing a platform to welcome patrons who had not attended shows previously.

His annual celebrations for the Indian festivals of Diwali and Holi, in particular, have become a firm favourite with local communities in The Black Country.  As part of ArtFest 2017 & 2018, Jaivant also produced the highly successful Samarpan event, an evening that celebrated Indian classical dance in the UK.

Neil Reading, Arena Theatre Manager, said: "We have been working with Jaivant for the past four years and felt it was time to recognise his commitment and support of the venue. Alongside the theatre patrons we felt it appropriate to give Jaivant the title of Associate Artist to recognise our commitment to Jaivant Patel Dance and to support South Asian Dance as part of our programming policy at the Arena Theatre."

Jaivant Patel has worked with and programmed many reputable and emerging artists and groups both nationally and internationally for these shows including: Bollywood Dreams Dance, Rishii Chowdhury, Gabhru Panjab De, Nahid Siddiqui & Company, Vidya Patel, Swati Dance Company, Peter Chand, Pagrav Dance Company, Enter Edem, Nachda Sansaar, Chitraleka Dance Company, Nupur Arts Academy, Sujata Bannerjee Dance Company, Adaa, Giddha Sansaar, Desi Nach, Oddisi Movement Collective, Nrtiyasha, Yuva Gati, Shyam Dattani, Sonia Sabri Company, Aaja Nachle Let's Dance, Vinod Nair to name a few.

Please refer to links below to the trailers for past events:

Diwali Utsav (12/11/16)

Holi, Basant Ke Rang (25/03/17)

Samarpan, A Celebration Of Indian Classical Dance (24/06/17)

Diwali Utsav, Sitaron Ke Sang (11/11/17)

Holi, Basant Ke Rang (17/03/18)

Samarpan, A Celebration Of Indian Classical Dance (23/06/18)

Diwali Utsav, Sitaron Ke Sang (17/11/18)

Samarpan Mahotsav, A Festival Of Indian Classical Dance (14/06 & 15/06 2019)


In 2018, Jaivant Patel Dance was named as the new Associate Artist at Midlands Arts Centre and co-presented 'Deepavali, The Festival Of Light' in celebration of Diwali on Sunday 11th November 2018 which was a SELL OUT.

This beautiful evening of South Asian Dance featured some of the Midland’s most exciting professional and community dance artists and groups.

This will be the first event Jaivant Patel Dance has culturally produced in partnership with Midlands Arts Centre.



Please see below gallery of promotional material for the shows mentioned above.

Promotional material designed by Sam Fleming & Jonathon Arnold.